Board of Directors

The KWN Board of Directors is elected by the KWN Assembly of Members during the Annual Membership Meeting in December. As the elected representatives of KWN members, it is the second highest decision-making body in the network. The Board of Directors oversees KWN’s work through quarterly meetings, as well as advises on key decisions taken by the network’s staff. For 2017, Board of Directors members include:

Ariana Qosaj- Mustafa Chair of the Board 
Programme Director and Senior Researcher 

Besnik Leka 
Project Coordinator, CARE International in Balkans 

Belgjyzare Muharremi 
Executive Director, Open Door 

Jeta Krasniqi 
Project Manager, KDI 

Magbule Hyseni 
Head of Department IADK


Advisory Board

The KWN Advisory Board involves persons who have contributed greatly to KWN’s work over the years. They are nominated and approved by the KWN Board of Directors for an unlimited term. They regularly provide advice and assistance to KWN, drawing from their vast knowledge, experience, and connections.

Delina Fico
Women's Rights Activist

Rachel Wareham
Independent Advisor- UK

Behar Selimi
Member of Parliament

Vjosa Dobruna
Human Rights Activist

Marte Prekpalaj
Executive Director, Visionary Women of the XXI Century

Shqipe Malushi
Senior Short Term Consultant on International Development

Lepa Mladjenovic

Feminist activist, Belgrade, Serbia

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network