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Are you an admirer, friend or supporter of the Kosova Women’s Network (KWN)? Perhaps you do not have your own organization or you do not live in Kosovo, but you feel connected to our work and want to support us? We have a new program for you! KWN is proud to announce our new Individual Membership Program. The program offers individuals the opportunity to become part of our network!

To become a KWN member, we kindly request a donation of €10 per year. Of course we appreciate any additional donation that you are willing to make! For people residing in the U.S., your donation is tax deductible. All proceeds will go to the KWN Sustainability Fund, covering crucial costs and supporting important programs. As a member, you will receive updates about KWN’s work and how we have put our members’ funds to good use. This includes our monthly E-newsletter and annual report with audited financial statements. We also will include your name in our list of members on our website and in our annual report (unless you prefer we do not).

As a KWN member, you can feel proud that you part of a worldwide network of people committed to supporting, protecting and promoting the rights and interests of women and girls in Kosovo. To become a KWN member today, please complete the form below. For more information, please write to

P.S. You don’t have to be a woman to be a member. We welcome men who support our cause!!

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Bank Name: Pro Credit Bank (Pristina Branch)
Bank Account Name/Title: Rrjeti i Grupeve te Grave te Kosoves
Account No (IBAN): XK051194166083010113
Bank SWIFT Number: MBKORS22
Bank Address: Str Skenderbeu n.n.
City: Pristina
State or Province Kosovo
Postal Code 10000

You will be notified of your official membership once we receive your kind contribution!

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