• KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - August 2014 (pdf)

     Igballe (Igo) Rogova, KWN Executive Director, was recently invited by UN Women, New York to become a member of the High Level Expert Advisory Group for the Global Study on the 15-year implementation of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325. 

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - July 2014 (pdf)

    Feminist Summer School 2014 Unites Girls from Kosova and Serbia; KWN, MLSW, GIZ Launch Budgeting for Social Welfare; 14 KWN Members Receive Grants for Advocacy; U.S. Ambassador Visits NGO Liria; Vita Jeta Offers Free Medical Exams to Diagnose; Osteoporosis.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - June 2014 (pdf)

    The United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Mr. William Hague and the Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ms. Angelina Jolie, organised the Global Summit to end Sexual Violence in Conflict with the motto #TimetoAct in London from 10 to 13 Jun. 

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - May 2014 (pdf)

    Ministry of Finance References Gender in Budget Circulars; KWN, New School Launch Kosova Oral History Website; Report Provides Fresh Data on Gender Equality; Young Women Mobilize Solidarity Beyond Borders; Prishtina Hosts First March in Support of LGBT Rights; NATO, KWN Collaborate in Implementing UNSCR 1325; Women’s Chamber Recognizes Women Entrepreneurs; Pensioners Advocate for Improved Healthcare; Members Gain Improved Understanding of Kosovo Tax System; Kosovo Welcomes Femmes Fatale Regional Festival; Eight CSOs Receive Kosova Women’s Fund Grants; KWN Presents New Grant Opportunities to Members; Austrian Activists Exchange Experiences with KWN; KWN Undergoes Evaluation of Kosova Women’s Fund

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - April 2014 (pdf)

    Top Channel Examines Unpunished War-time Rape of Kosovo Women; Kosova Women’s Fund Awards Eight Grants; Citizens March for Resolve of the Fate of Missing Persons;  Women in Politics, Civil Society Strategize for Advocacy; Activists Learn Techniques for Video Activism; 80 Women from 15 Countries (Re)Define Success; Students from Amsterdam University Visit KWN

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - March 2014 (pdf)

    In another crucial development, Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga established the National Council for Survivors of Sexual Violence during the War on Mar. 7, where KWN is a member. “Fifteen years after the war, the topic of victims of sexual violence remains a taboo topic to be addressed,” President Jahjaga said during the Council’s first meeting, attended by local and international actors. “Survivors of sexual violence continue to suffer from serious psychological conditions, as well as social and economic hardships. They require institutional and societal support to cope with their difficult reality.”

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - February 2014 (pdf)

    On 8 Mar. 2014, International Women’s Day, with the initiative of the association “Thirjet e Nënave” (Mother’s Call), KWNwill organize a protest to support mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of missing persons with the motto: “We are with you.” KWN and Thirjet e Nënave invite citizens to “Zahir Pajaziti” Square at 11:3 0, from which they will march at 12:00 to the Assembly of Kosova.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - January 2014 (pdf)

    Activists Congratulate Kosovo’s First Woman Mayor: Kusari-Lila; Kosova Women's Fund Presents its Key Achievements; Individual Members Innovative in Supporting KWN; KWN visits the head of the Assembly of Gjilan; Bent play comes in Prishtina’s Theatre; KWN Contributes to EPLO Report on UNSCR 1325; Members, Stakeholders Evaluate Positively KWN'sWork; Baroness Catherine Ashton Replies to Activist.  

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - December 2013 (pdf)

    Hilmijeta Apuk Receives UN Human Rights Award; KWN recognizes Artists Contributing to Women’s Rights; New Prishtina Mayor Ahmeti Meets KWN Representatives; OPMDK Holds Competition for People with Special Needs; KWN Exchanges Experiences with Activists in Austria; Jeta-Vita Recognizes President’s Fight against Breast Cancer; SEVEN Involves Women’s Rights Activists in Kosovo; Activists Demand Women’s Participation in Kosovo Talks.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - November 2013 (pdf)

    KWN, AH Release “Where’s the Money for Women’s Rights?”; Young Feminists Strategize, Impress Officials; Seven Organizations Receive Kosovo Women’s Fund Grants; Forum Theatre Empowers Women from the Region; University Establishes Centre for Gender Studies, Research; Ikebana Functions Independently, Produces Teas.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - October 2013 (pdf)

    Jeta-Vita Marches to Raise Awareness about Breast Cancer; Annual Retreat Energizes KWN members; Advocacy Plays a Key Role in Young Women’s Empowerment; OPMDK Marks the Month of Equal Opportunities; NGO “Krusha e Vogël” Economically Empowers Rural Women; KRCT Marks the International Day of Mental Health.  

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - September 2013 (pdf)

    KWN, AH Present Initial Findings: “Where’s the Money for Women’s Rights?”; Young Women in Prizren Passionate About Advocacy; Young Women in Gjilan Seek Psychologists in Schools; KWN Recognizes Kelmendi, Gjakova as Role Models; Teenagers Promote Gender Equality through Graffiti

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - August 2013 (pdf)

    Men Join KWN as Individual Members; Retreat Energizes KWN Staff, Motivates Future Work; New Association Empowers Deaf Women in Prizren; “Prehja” Encourages Check-ups to Prevent Breast Cancer; New “Piazza” Raises Awareness about Women’s Rights; Women’s Choir “Lira” Sings at International Festival; Practicing Transparent Financial Management

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - July 2013 (pdf)

    IPKO Foundation Donates €5000, Becomes KWN Partner; KWN: Calling All Young Women Activists, Feminists; Women’s, Men’s Stories Enrich Kosovo’s History; Municipality Supports Gruaja Hyjnore to Empower Women; 1100 Leaders Discuss Women’s Empowerment; 12,764 Citizens, CSOs Petition against Kosovo Amnesty Law  

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - June 2013 (pdf)

    Young Women from Kosova, Serbia Strategize; Food Hygiene Plays Role in Finding Markets for Products; Campaign “Dëgjo zërin tim (Hear My Voice)” Starts; Young Women Activists Mobilize in Mitrovica; 5000 Feminists (including Men) Discuss Healthcare Rights; Did You Miss the Last KWN Meeting?  

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - May 2013 (pdf)

    1325 Facts & Fables Reaches NATO, ICC, UN WG; New School, KWN Screen First Oral History Film; “Çifti Buçinca” Foundation Recognizes Couple’s Contribution to Girls’ Education; KWN Members Develop Public Relations Skills; Artpolis Organizes Festival: “Femmes Fatales”; NGO Prehja Provides Info about Breast Cancer; Medica Kosova’s Clients, Staff Visit Istanbul

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - April 2013 (pdf)

    KWN Awards Eight Grants to its Member Oganizations through Kosovo Women’s Fund – read the full list of NGOs and projects awarded. On this issue of KWN’s newsletter you can also read more about how Women Strategize for Municipal Elections; on how Rural Development Program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Developments Supports Women and about the Meeting that KWN Members Held in Gjakova.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - March 2013 (pdf)

    KWN Urges Support for Sexual Violence Survivors and Condemns Attack on Activist Nazlie Bala – read more about these stories on KWN’s March Newsletter. You can also read about Citizens’ Protesting the Parliamentarians’ Sexist Remarks. Meanwhile, another story within the newsletter tells about KWN marking 8 Mar. by Giving Life: Giving Blood. Among others, the Economic Empowerment Working Group Convened at KWN, as well as the KWN Members Attended the Proposal Writing Workshop. 

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - February 2013 (pdf)

    KWN's "Kosovar Women's Voice" newest edition brings you the storie about KWN joining One Billion Rising, the global campaign to end violence against women and girls. You can also read about the Establishment of a Mechanism against Domestic Violence in Dragash. Then it talks about Kosovo Women’s Fund Grants which are now available; the election of KWN's New Board Chair; and the Members Gathering for KWN's Bimonthly Meeting.

  • KWN - Kosovar Women's Voice - January 2013 (pdf)

  • KWN - Kosovar Womens Voice - December 2012 (pdf)

    The December 2012 issue of KWN’s Kosovar Women’s Voice offers stories about the Kosovar Women, Peace and Security Delegation to Brussels; KWN members honing their skills in proposal writing; a catalogue honoring women on Albania’s 100th Anniversary of Independence; and the launching of KGSC’s campaign against gender-based violence.

  • KWN - Kosovar Womens Voice - November 2012 (pdf)

    In this issue, women and girls voice their discontent with Kosovo’s 2013 Budget. KWN celebrates the registration of its 100th member organization; municipal Gender Equality Advocacy Groups empower women; the Executive Director considers what “makes a women’s movement”; and young women activists mobilize.

  • KWN - Kosovar Womens Voice - October 2012 (pdf)

    KWN demands justice for women raped during the war and releases its latest research on the costs of domestic violence to the state. Hundreds march against breast cancer. Other stories discuss the continuation of child marriages in Kosovo,and the financial sustainability of women’s organizations.

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